Sharing How I’ve Been Blessed This Week

How do most homeschoolers spend spring break?  If you are reading this, there is a chance you are not a homeschooler, but hey, you could be………..there are a lot of us out here, ya know?!!!!

Like usual, I’ve been surprised this week.  I planned to do school and mix in a few needed doctor appointments.  Half-way through the week, we all are sick with a cold.  I even got a migraine one day!  Enough about the yucky stuff.  Here’s how I have been blessed this week:

We bought a new (to me) Surburban, complete with so many options that at the end of the week, I still don’t know what they all do.

My kids got great check-ups from the dentist.

Mike’s business continues to prosper and grow.

I got to visit with my Dad two times this week.  Even though he only lives 30 minutes away, we usually don’t all visit that much.

I surrendered to giving up the phonics program I was using for one of my kids and ordered another.  Hopefully this will suit him better.  Now I get to teach phonics to two different kids with two different programs.  Anyone got a few extra minutes a day I can borrow every day?  No, really, this will be better.  And if it’s not, I can change up things.  One of the BEST things about homeschooling is that parents can tailor the curriculum to their children, who they know very very well.  Plus, the there are hundreds of books to help parents teach just phonics alone.

For the millionth time, I want to scream:  I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!  Reason # 1,000,000:  One afternoon this week, I wanted to be “Miss Suzy-Homemaker-Get-A-Lot-Done-And-Mark-It-Off-The-List” kind of girl, so I went into our garage, which was scary because for month now, it’s been the Posey family storage unit.  It is bad junked-up (yes, that’s a word where I come from).  Anyway, I pulled out garbage, totes of hand-me-down clothes, Christmas stuff, bicycles, etc. etc. etc.  I got to cleaning a bit, but more just organizing and piling stuff up outside the garage.  I had a plan, okay.  But then life hit.  This time it hit as a miagraine.  I saw the spots.  Literally, I thank God when I see these cause I know we all better “take cover”.  To make a long story a bit shorter, I called my very busy husband at work and told him I was getting a migraine.  He’s so good.  He is.  Not only did he come home within 15 minutes, but he tried his best to finish sorting and putting up my big mess I had made outside the garage.  He did this while managing all 5 boys.  A+ Mike Posey.  Did I mention, he didn’t even complain or loose his temper.

My husband Mike at the birth of our fifth son

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