Yes, I am still alive!

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry that it seems I have neglected my blog lately.  To sum up the past few weeks without taking up too much of your time, I’ll just say that I am glad to see our calendar free of much “going and doing”.  My husband claims that I get bored being at home too much and get tired of being on the road too much also.  Is there ever a happy balance?  Looking at our calendar for May, it seems life for the Poseys will hopefully find that happy balance.

For two weeks I battled with an infection from an infected adenoid.  I finally drug myself to the nurse practitioner for some help.  Being sick really just causes me to be so much more tired than I already am and then I add stress to myself by not accomplishing much at home or with school.  At least that is what I thought “in the moment” of being sick and tired.  Satan reminded me of all my failures the whole time.  Once I realized that he was bringing me down, I got to praying even harder for God to lift me out of my short-lived depressed state.  He did.  He showed me all that was done during this time.  The best part was that the boys got back to doing their chorepacks (see Titus 2 Ministries to find out more) and the house didn’t end up being a disaster.  My husband was very helpful with putting the guys to bed when I just couldn’t stand anymore.  Plus he was very understanding of me being in a less than perfect mood.  Also, my 7 year-old and I made much progress in learning his phonics (which has been an ongoing problem).

Our homeschool co-op group closed out this season’s Tuesday classes, freeing up some time for me to do other things.  I’ll miss it over the summer, but I did need that time back.

I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel………….then it was time to decide if I was up for a trip with my family.

The past weekend we took a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas for an ATA karate tournament that my oldest son and husband competed in.  I plan to write about that adventure on my Traveling With Kids section of the blog.  We had a nice time even though my husband got sick.  We missed some bad weather back home in Mississippi.  I was very surprised at how much I like the city and I can’t wait to go back this summer for another tournament.

Now, it’s back to life as usual.  OH–I see the baby has found something on the rug to taste.  I better RUN!!


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