Update on Additions to Site

FYI to all my subscribers, readers, and new folks stopping by…

I am working on adding content for the homeschooling subjects some of you have been requesting (and I promised).  It’s not finished, but slowly I am adding my planning pages and instructions for how I plan our homeschooling curriculum.  I ask that you not use it until I get it all finished so you won’t be confused (or think that I really don’t have much to help you with).  I’ll let you know when the bulk of it is there and ready to be used.  If you want a sneak peak, just click here to see what I have so far for Plotting Your Homeschool Year.  Remember, it’s not complete yet!  Some links aren’t ready and instructions are incomplete, but again, I’ll be working on that for a few days.

Next up will be more info on Homeschooling Year-Round.  I have big plans for the cooking section, too.  I will be so excited to let you all in on how I plan our menus and then tie that in to making shopping lists and clipping coupons.  Those are my May plans.  If I had oddles of hours each day to devote to this site, it would be here a LOT quicker, but duty calls and family comes first.

Thanks for all the wonderful, encouraging comments from all of you!!!  You’ll never know how much I appreciate them.  My little blog is growing, slowly and steadily.  Check by soon!



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  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Stacey, I just read your article about Homeschooling through the whole year, in Homeschool Enrichment. I came to your site to check out the things you mentioned in the article because I am very interested in homeschooling my children throughout the year. We have been homeschooling our 2 for the past nine years and have always taken the summers off. The more I think about the year round school the more I think it may work for our family.

    I wanted to tell you also that you are a girl after my own heart. I love coffee too and I french press our morning and evening coffee and it is awesome!!!

    Just in case you are interested I just started a new blog and wanted to share it with you….I’m freshy new to the blogging world so there isn’t much there yet. Just in case you have a second to check it out…..http://chichomeschooler.blogspot.com/
    Thank you for your encouragement and I will be back to check for the updates for year round schooling.


    1. Stacey says:

      Thank you for the comments:) I LOVE that you use a french press….I guess both of us are “coffee snobs”…I just love good coffee. I have to take my press and beans and grinder everywhere. This morning we had to take our kitten to the vet and I couldn’t wait to get home for some coffee (I had to skip it because the kitten was dropped off at our house and had almost drowned in this flooding in our area). So now, I’m putting off our school and about to look at your blog. Please stop by again. I hope I’ll have ideas that will help you.


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