Curveballs in Life

I’ve mentioned before that I love to plan things.  I’m sitting here now, though, and have decided to not have school.  It’s been a different sort of weekend for us.  I’m not totally sure, but I think most of the public schools were out today because of the flooding in our area.  Besides, I’m a little “ill” because the new spelling DVD I ordered for my son came in scratch up and won’t play.  AHHH!

How has life been different this weekend?  Well, we’ve been dealing with lots and lots of rain.  I’ve never seen so much flooding in my life.  Yes, it could be worse.  Thank God, it’s not.  It rained all weekend.  I planned to hoe the garden, let the kids pick-up the yard and I really wanted my husband to mow the yard and fix the dog kennel.  None of that got done.

Spontaneously, my husband arranged for us to go to the movies for a quick break away.  He is so nice to do this.  We had no idea bad weather was headed our way.

We left the kids with his mother at our house and went to Corinth, which is about 20 minutes away.  We ate yummy, buttered popcorn and watched Clash of the Titans.  When we got out (outside) and in our truck, he said, “Wow, it really rained a lot while we were in there).”  I decided to quickly go into the shoe store to get some new black sandals for my son’s kindergarten graduation and while we were in there, we realized the weather had gotten very VERY bad.

The clerk told us that if it wasn’t a tornado, it was very high winds.  My aunt called to see if we were okay and within minutes we were calling home to check on everyone.  Turns out that they were all safe even though two, YES TWO, tornados came by our house.  I get cold chills this morning thinking about it.

It’s almost 48 hours later, and a lot of rain later, and folks have called to check on us.  My mother–in-law kept the kids safe in the hall that day.  We had rushed home.   I don’t think we knew then how bad it was.

Turns out there were neighbors of ours that were outside and literally saw the tornado come towards our house, although it was high, and then turn another direction.  I am thanking God it turned.  Some folks in a county nearby were killed.  My prayers go out to them.

Our home is on a hill, so we are prone to lightening and high winds.  This time, a tornado almost touched us–while my husband and I were gone!!!  Oh, the thought of that!

We are all okay.  Well, there was a ton of flooding yesterday.  It’s all gone now, but someone dropped off (without us knowing) a box of kittens.  We gave 2 away, but 1 died and the other is sick.  So this morning, my boys and I took it to the vet.  It’s very dehydrated.  He is giving it a 50/50 chance.  It’s so cute and just when I think I’m not that much of an “animal person”, my heart is just aching for this little fellow.  I’m supposed to call to check on him this afternoon after he’s had some meds and an IV with fluids.

So some curveballs came our way.  I’m thanking the Lord that our home and family were spared.

If any of you are dealing with this weather or “curveballs”, please leave a comment below:)

What am I going to do now?  Well, it’s 11:07 a.m. on Monday morning.  Usually this would be schooltime.  The kids are happily playing together, so I think while the baby is asleep, I’m going to pop in an exercise DVD.  If that works and I last very long (with my out-of-shape body) I’ll have ackomplished something different today. Who knows what else we’ll do?

Oh, did I mention, my husband’s truck broke down on him on the way to work this morning………….thankfully, he’s a mechanic though!!!

Lots of Love to all of you…including prayers for whatever “curveballs” you are dodging this morning!

p.s.  I did order a battery charger for my digital camera this morning so in a few days I’ll be back to posting pictures!!!


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  1. Stacey,

    I’m so thankful the tornadoes missed your house! I’m homeschooling too, and sometimes we have to make adjustments to our schedule too. I used to teach in public schools, and believe me, curveballs often leave the best-laid lesson plans in the dust with the teachers just trying to survive the day! It happens to everyone.

    We’re living with some curveballs right now too. A chronically ill child, surgeries and hospitalizations coming up, financial challenges, a stepbrother dying of Huntington’s Chorea. I completely understand where you’re coming from!

    I’m so thankful God is faithful to see us through. I keep thinking of that quote, and knowing that I’m “learning to dance in the rain.”


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