A Sweet Life

Today I walked out to our little garden and was blessed by the sight of LOTS of ripe, red strawberries.  My 7-year old and I picked 2 quarts and this afternoon we’ll pick more.  They are so so sweet right off the vine!

Home-grown Strawberries

I have about 4 recipes to use for our first crop of strawberries.  With these, I made two Strawberry Pies and one I’ll give to my in-laws.  Two of my boys claim they don’t like strawberries, but we’ll see.  Once they see the pies, hopefully they will try them.

I’ll put the recipe up on the Cooking page of this site this week so check that out if you’d like to make some desserts with strawberries.

Now, it’s time to tame some youngsters into being a little quieter.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Viki Cadwallader says:

    Love the strawberries. We just purchased a pack of 10 Allstar strawberry roots. Wondering what kind you planted. It surely isn’t too late for me to plant mine in Missouri, do you think?

    1. Stacey says:

      We’ve got 3 differerent types from Burpee. I planted them last year and they started producing this year EARLY! I love them. They are so much better than the supermarket’s. Anyway, from Burpee.com, I got the sample set of 3 types (25 plants in all). This year they cover about 32 square feet. It probably helps too that we also started doing the “square foot gardening”, save space, have great soil, plus other benefits. Yes, I would think you could still plant:)

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