Our Garage…a.k.a. the Shelter for Burgandy Tiramisu Sushi and a Tiger

We are the proud parents to four newly adopted kittens.   See if you can find all 4 in the picture….they are doing some serious snuggling!

Can you spot all the kittens?

Monday, our other little kitten ended up not living long once it got to the vet.  He called and said that although he gave it an IV and meds, it probably had brain damage.  My 10-year old son was crushed.  When we went that afternoon to pay the bill, they told us they had 3 kitten to give away.  One look and we were in love with them!

At home, we named them.  We hadn’t had the little kitten that died long enough to name him, so we wanted these gals and guy named asap.  We named them Tiramisu (Sue for short), Tiger (because she’s a biter) and my 10-year old son insisted on naming the third one Burgandy after my new hair color (that’s a little long, I think).

So, how do we have four now?  Not long after we named those three, my 3-year old said, “Mama, I want to name one Sushi.”  I told him that was a great kitty name, but we didn’t have any more kitties to name.  Literally  minutes later, my phone rang.  It was my husband.  Another kitten had found its way up to his shop!  This would make 5 in just a few days.

He said that this one was definitely from a different litter.  He asked if we wanted it and I told him what Vince had just said about another name.  This would be our Sushi!!!

We went immediately and picked up Sushi.  She (or he) is the cutest by far and a lot bigger, although still a kitten.  Today, she had bonded well with the 3 younger cats and seems to be parenting them.  She licks them and lets them cuddle around her (or him–I’m not sure).

I love the kitties, but we have got to get a litter box!!!  Pee and poop on the garage floor isn’t my favorite pastime!  I will admit it is fun to see our baby play with the cats.

Talk to you all later!


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  1. Four kittens! You are one brave mama! We have two older cats (13 years old), and I have trouble keeping up with two girls and the two cats!

    My girls would love to have a puppy, but the budget (and my courage) haven’t allowed for that yet!


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