Updates on the blog


It’s coming a downpour at my house today. The baby sleeps and the boys have put in a movie. This gives me a moment to look at my site and tell y’all “hi”.

If you would like to have a good chance to win a $5 Target gift card, take a look over the site for two different contests to win one. Each is easy to enter and they both end at the end of May. I’ll be putting up new contests for June next week!

The majority of my homeschooling planning pages is up on that page. Several of you have asked how I plan our homeschooling days and I lay it out on the Homeschooling Planning and Ideas pages.

Life is excited and for the past week I haven’t done much on the site, but it will come slowly. I’m not able to be a full-time webmaster. It’s fun, though. If you don’t have your own blog, you’d probably enjoy it. WordPress makes it fairly simple and free.

I’ve got lots of projects going on in my life. Look at this list and see if any of your projects are similar to mine:
1. Fix broken bookshelf
2. Organize our closet in bedroom
3. Plan for places to stop on our trip to Montana
4. Plan for James Alan’s first birthday
5. What to do for Father’s Day?
6. Decide when to order new school supplies
7. Start digital scrapbooking
8. Get Mike’s business converted over to Quickbooks
Have a good week………..May is almost over.


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