Happy Birthday James Alan

I am so excited to announce a new contest on my baby’s 1st birthday and also to give you some links that might help you out this summer

Here’s the link to my contest.  The contest is simple to enter and I’ll really be able to use the comments that you leave as a part of entering the contest.  Be sure to  check it out…YOU might win one of the 3 Wal-Mart gift cards I’ll be giving away!

Now, here are the links I recommend:

Do any of you like to picnic?  I used to think picnicing was only for the summer, but now I know that it’s just more healthy and a whole lot easier on the wallet to picnic instead of eating out.  Here is a neat site packed full of recipes and ideas for eating outdoors.

Are you doing any planning for the new homeschool year?  I caught myself looking through a catalog that seemed to have an endless amount of history books that all seemed so great and worthwhile.  How am I to choose?

If you too need help, you might appreciate the research of a friend of mine at Bramley Books.  She has put together 2 free mp3 downloads–or the transcript if you prefer to read instead of listen, like me–plus several helpful links to her recommendations.  It’s answered many of my questions and that’s why I’m sending it on to you.  So click on this link to read–or hear–“How To Choose A Great History Curriculum”.


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