A special day

Hi Friends!

I’m finally checking in here at the end of summer.  My family and I have been so busy.  I can’t wait to get the time to share with you all that we have done over the summer.  I feel recharged and ready to tackle school and other stuff going on in our life.

Today is special because my husband and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary!  Actually we have no plans other than church.  I’m sending out a special one day only contest to celebrate too!  We need ideas on how to celebrate (and let’s keep it clean ladies).  We’ll have the kids and church and we’ll be at home.  We agreed not to get each other gifts, although he did get me 2 very nice bookshelves built in the house this week!  Everyone that submits an idea today until midnight will be in a drawing to win a $5 Target gift card.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!  And thanks!

p.s. I’m also including some pictures we took over the summer, but more will come later with complete details…

Looking at the wagon rutts along the Oregon Trail in Gurnsey, Nebraska in July
Our oldest during a sparring match at the ATA World Tournament in June
Our youngest with his favorite toy–a stick–at Nana’s house in Big Sky county
A special memory: getting a bike that looks like a dirt bike for his 6th birthday

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