Tuesday Thoughts

I am sitting here at 5ish this early dark morning waiting for my coffee to get done.  I wouldn’t have gotten up this morning so early if the following had not occurred:

  1. James Alan sleeping through most of the night between Mike and me, but waking at 4 a.m. with some dreamy baby-talk.  He went right back to sleep though (it’s been a weekend of not much rest–he has 2 ear infections we are treating!).
  2. My four year-old Vince woke me, as usual, to ask me if he could go to the potty.  I don’t know why he asks this.  I’ve told him he could without asking.  This morning he went in our bathroom with the door wide open and turned on all the lights.  It looked like stadium lighting to me that early!  Then he went back to bed.
  3. I got up to turn off the lights thinking that might wake up baby and DH for good (or worse).
  4. Vince got back up to tell me his brother had all the covers.
  5. I got up to fix the sheets so he would not be cold (I think my husband has the a/c on last night).
  6. I got back into bed only to be nudged very gently by the Lord I honestly believe to get up.  After all, I was NOW completely awake and I have both longed for and planned for those wonderful mornings when I feel rested enough to get up, do some laundry, have my quiet-time with the Lord, read my Bible and maybe, one day, put to use all my exercise DVD’s and equipment.

By the way, it did me no good to set my cell phone’s alarm sound to the sound of a rooster because I turned the phone off last night.  Leave it to God to get me up early…one way or the other!  And I’m glad he did.  I love this quiet morning.  I love getting to do all I have done AND write on my blog!  Yeah!  Now, the question is, “Will I exercise???”

Moving on to more thoughts…

I know that some folks’ blogs are like a diary to them and it helps them to remember special times.  I really admire those amazing sort of blogs that share glimpses of another family’s real life with the outside world.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Cheaper By the Half Dozen

Embracing My Cup

Although at some point I might like either another blog in that style or to do “more” with mine, for now my website will be just what it is.  I figured out it’s just making it a habit to blog.

Thank for reading my little ramblings.  Before I go, please let me share some very recent pictures with you of my family below.

Have a VERY blessed day!

My tough guy Micah.  In this picture he is resting after a few rounds of sparring in karate.
My tough guy resting after a few rounds of very intense sparring
One of my little chicks that begged for a picture taken of him!
This kid begged to have his picture taken as a chick.
The boy LOVES to draw!
This is the boy that I have to make him put up his “drawings” so he can eat lunch
This little guy was in awe over a minature horse at the Pumpkin Patch petting farm. I think he could have sat for an hour staring a it!
The baby takes after his brothers…he loves to play in the dirt!
Big Brother and Little Brother at Mr. P’s ATA Karate belt testing
Resting after a day at a pumpkin patch

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