Reading: It’s good for you and good for your kiddos

If there is a such thing as a non-fiction book junkie, well, I’d be the poster girl!  Thankfully, there is with free shipping and libraries.  I wish I had several more hours in the day to read, but I read what I can with the little precious time I have.  I try to catch any tiny moment I can to get in a little reading.

If you’re looking for a book to gleam some wisdom from, here are a couple of my top picks below.

FaithLaunch: A Simple Plan to Ignite Your Child’s Love for Jesus: John Trent Ph.D., Jane Vogel: 9781589975316:

Parent Fuel: For the Fire Inside Our Kids: Barry St. Clair: 9781581348309:

Now, that’s for parents to read.  Believe me, I’ve got more too!  I’m currently reading Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Child by Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller.  It is rocking our world in the Posey house!  I highly recommend it too.  I had seen it before and bookstores and honestly thought it was the kind of book that gave me a million different ideas to “try” with our kids.  But no, it is totally Biblical and explains how instilling honor in the home is better than just trying to “control” your kids.  It speaks directly to me and the issues I have specifically with whinning.  I can still remember my Mom telling me to repeat what I said when I was a kid.  She would say, “I don’t speak whine“.  Now I am doing that with my kids!!!  How funny.  Actually it’s downright frustrating.  I’m glad there are folks out there that write these books to help others.  Like I said before:  I just wish I had MORE time to read!

This week I’ve been looking into alternatives to teaching one of my kids how to read.  It’s a long story.  Maybe someday soon I can give you all the details and shed some light on the subject.  Basically phonics is not working well.  If it’s working, it’s in extreme slow motion.  My extensive collection of various phonics programs are not working for him.  Oh,  I’m up for tips here if anyone wants to comment.  We think he is dyslexic and he will got for a good quality evaluation soon.  In the mean time, I have been reading about teaching through the whole word method.  I just want him to learn to read.  Even though I’ve tried about every phonics method out there, I am doing what Ruth Beechick suggests in The Three R’s so I have not given up hope in phonics.

I do want to share a few links I came across that we are utilizing.  If you can use them, I recommend them to.

Two online phonics programs with free trials.  I got the ideas from The Well-Trained Mind forum.

Reading Eggs


Here are some other helpful links on the subject of teaching reading:

Starfall is free and full of phonics, ABC’s, games and reading for pre-k through elementary years.  I use it for reinforcement.

Don Potter’s thorough FREE phonics instruction is available and can help us all understand phonics.  I use it to help myself teach and to understand difficult concepts.

Click here for to read a blog post about how important it is to read aloud to your child.  I’ll note here that I can’t help but wonder if at least part of the reason my child is having so much trouble with learning to read because he did not enjoy sitting down and being read to until he was about 5 years old.  He just wanted to have his hands in everything and didn’t even like a t.v.  It’s almost like today he’s making up for wanting to be read to because we find him with his head in books and he’s at the age where he is wondering why he can’t (his little brother has started reading too which doesn’t help).

Leveled book lists are on this link-use this for all your kids.  It’s big!  I plan to start reading to my child with the difficulties the most basic books over and over and over.  I recognize we already have some too so I can start right away! is a fabulous website where you can find books organized in category that interests you. From “books made into movies” to “books for boys” you can quickly access a book list to tailor to your child’s needs. Here is a list of classic children’s books, many of which we recommend in our book.  I especially like the section that is specifically on boy books and the one on starting a book club.

Products to consider buying that could help when other programs don’t:

Teach a Child To Read Using Children’s Books (fourth edition) is low-cost and I just began using it for our family.  Taken from their website, here is  a little about the book, “Not all children learn in the same way.  This is as true with reading instruction as with any other academic subject or life skill.  Using one strict approach to reading instruction with every child limits both the teacher and the child to a strict, production line methodology that might overlook some of the most beneficial and enjoyable elements in a full-orbed learning experience.”  Click here to see more about this book.  This site also has several helpful links for reading to your children.  The authors Mark Thogmartin and Mary Gallagher explain both the philosophy and the methodology associated with a balanced approach to reading instruction.

Explode the Code online-this wonderful series of materials in now available online.  Personally I suggest using the regular books and teacher’s manuals with the online part.  I think Explode the Code is phonics instruction at it’s best!

Child1st products are specifically designed for visual learners and other right brained learners; those labeled with dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s, and ADD; and those who struggle with reading comprehension. The products are also highly effective in teaching beginning readers, providing them with the essential foundation for future learning.

It is during this dark time of our schooling problems that I find myself at the feet of Jesus.  I’ve had many calming moments with him and I believe this will get better with time and patience.  He will make both me and my son stronger working through this.  Thankfully I have gotten lots of encouragement from my husband and my mother and others.  I need that!  I’m also so glad I have the internet to search for ideas and other parents’ experiences.

So, grab and book and get to reading!


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  1. Hi Stacey,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I’m glad you’re enjoying our book. It’s fun to see people grasp honor, especially the kids. I pray that God richly blesses your family. Blessings, Scott Turansky

  2. Cindy says:

    I was just thinking I may have a few ideas for you little one’s reading troubles. Here is a nonexpensive trick I used to get my son and my little girl reading. I haven’t tried them on my 2 year old yet but I’ve got plans 🙂 (Make this a little art/reading project) What you will need is some Copy paper,construction paper, scissors, and either a glue stick or elmer’s glue and a marker. You also need to pick one of your child’s favorite easy reader books and stick with that one. Take four of the words off of the first page and write them spaced out on the copy paper twice a piece so you can cut them out. Now have your child pick two colors of construction paper and cut four blocks off each color. Take your words and tell them to your child as he pastes them to the center of the blocks (one set of the words for each color.) Now he has a matching game to play with you. Just like old maid and if he has an older sibling to play with even better when he starts recognizing them then it’s time for more. Read the book with him everyday and when you see one of the words he knows have him read it pretty soon he is going to be reading that book to you. You can also make lists of the words on a sheet of copy paper and give him a bowl of dry alpha bit cereal and have him match the letters over the words, or give him a list of the words and make another list for him to cut out each letter and paste over the other ones (my kids are crazy about cutting and love to paste.) I hope these work as well for you as they have for me. My son’s first book he read to me was ‘Are you my mother?’ it’s about a baby bird and his mother and quickly became my favorite children’s book too 🙂

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