Why we are who we are

I sit here at my kitchen bar, parked at my laptop looking at all the “stuff” surrounding me.

Thinking it might be neat to look at this post years from now and remember some good ole days, I’m just going to list what I’m seeing as I sit on my little perch.

  • There are two little stacks of beginning readers.  One for my first grader and one for my third grader that is one the same level.  Hopefully one day I’ll see them both reading long classic lit books.  For now, I am thankful that our reading has taken a turn for the better and is slowly progressing.
  • I see a fruit basket completely empty.  We can’t seem to keep enough apples–especially for Carter.  There are raisins, but only James Alan eats those with me.
  • I see lots of crayons, markers and kid scissors.  They are usually out being used the majority of the day by one kid or another.
  • The sink is completely full of dishes.  This is the norm.
  • Kids’ shoes are all over the floor.  I think they take after me about not putting them away after using them!
  • The end table is over flowing with kids books.  We need another bookshelf–again!
  • A stack of bills I just opened is on top of my budget and envelopes.  That pile stays there to remind me to actually pay the bills.
  • A big stack of little boys’ church clothes are laid out on the ottoman.   I’m not sure where we are going, but we’ll be in someone’s church.  Hopefully we’ll have a new church to call our own soon:)
  • The book Green Eggs and Ham lies on the couch.  Mike read it to Vince yesterday.  Vince is our biggest book lover.
  • There is a dead house plant in a pot right above where I am sitting.  Oh well, I guess I’m not too good with house plants.
  • The storm door was left open last night.  The kids stayed outside all day long yesterday mostly on the trampoline or shooting BB guns.  It was a perfect fall day!

So those are some ways I see why we are who we are:  The Posey Family.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

God Bless You!


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  1. Trisha says:

    I found your blog while searching for CM planning pages. 🙂
    I really like the title…how wonderful! And I like this fresh approach to noting what’s going on in your home. I’ll be giving this a try. Looking forward to perusing your site!

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