Happy Snow Days Everyone!  [Somehow this post didn’t get published Monday morning so I am send it just a little late]

Is it safe to say that all of us down south are loving this treat of several inches of snow?  My boys were so excited this morning.  My husband was so sweet to drive his mom to work in one of our four-wheel-drives and then he made us sausage and biscuits.  Our eleven year-old tried to jump on the trampoline.  The baby tried to walk in the snow, but that’s tough to do when it goes up past the knees.  Our four year-old got too cold and came in and of course wished he could go back out a few minutes later because he forgot to make a snow man and snow angel.  Oh, what fun.  As for me, I’m staying inside or at least on the porch.  I don’t have any sort of shoes to go out in.

Y’all have a good day!


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