Wondering what to do this weekend?  Well, I’d have loved to have made it to church services this morning with my guys, but I am still recuperating from my c-section.  Instead, I’m looking through pics saved on my computer I’d almost forgotten about while sippin’ some hot joe.

Looking at these pictures gave me some ideas on what to do this weekend–or for the rest of the summer.



1. Spend time hanging out with friends and family
2. Take a nice long nap OUTSIDE in the shade
3. Go riding in the country
4. Take a trip to a place where there is snow in August (yes, we took this picture in August of 2007)
5. Take a kid fishing
6. Go back to school shopping. I especially recommend this for my fellow homeschoolers because it’s just plain fun for the kids and many stores have great sales if you’ll check around
7. Grab your camera and kids, find a nice shade outside and snap some pictures, both staged and unposed



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