Back to Homeschooling

Here are some of my most favorite ideas gathered from various moms on how to celebrate a new homeschooling year.  Try one out this week!  Use the rest this year or plan to use them when things get stale or save them up for next year.

1.  Bake (or buy) a “Back to Homeschool cake”.  We usually have this as a snack our first day back and I hide it and bring it out so it will be a nice surprise.

Notice someone has already tasted the cake LOL

2.  Try to plan as many subjects as you can to do together.

3.  Plan meals and snacks ahead of time.  I like to set out bottles of water on our kitchen table at the start of our lessons so its available for me and the kids.  I also like to have snacks set out to grab because I know my kids will always get hungry mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  It’s just a good year long habit for us to for.

Eating outside helps keep the mess out of the kitchen!

4.  On the first day area public schools start back, take your kids on a field trip.  If your husband can’t go, ask another mom or two to bring her family to make it more fun–even if it is just to a nearby park.  When your kids hear from other kids how “cool” the first week of public school was, your kids will have had an even better time at home!

5.  Go back to school shopping!  Wal-Mart, Staples and Office Max are having great sales right now.

6.  Train big kids to help with little kids.  Show them how to play nicely and look out for danger.  I use this time for the all too important one-on-one tutoring quiet time spread thru the day.

7.  Above all else, go slooooowwwwly the first week.  Let the kids adjust and be patient Mom (I’m preaching to myself here!).  Check frequently for smiles.


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  1. Tina says:

    We usually go to the movies about 10 am, often we are the only ones there. Usually it’s a a movie and a meal out.

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