Candy, Cookies, & Bug Eyes

Going through my computer files looking for some old files, I found many hidden gems!  Just like the old three rolls of 35mm film I just picked up from being developed, I found a ton of pictures I had apparently lost in digital land on my computer.

Like any proud mama, I just have to share…

As the saying goes, “Like a kid in a candy store,” this kid was super excited to be given an empty bag to fill up as he pleased in this candy store in Phillipsburg, Montana
The boys are thinking, “WE MUST EAT COOKIES NOW!!!” Oh, my little cookie monsters.

and now just a few pretty sunsets from across the states…

After a long, hard day, a guy has just sometimes gotta play in the dirt


The view from the mountains up above my folks’ place in Montana


Looking out to the west from our front porch 2010


And here’s hoping you’ll find some hidden gems today in your life!





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