How I Almost Forgot About My Heath

Today is a new day!  Forget yesterday or a month ago or years ago.  Today is here and this will be the first day I decide make a big change.

Yes, I know the new year is only a couple of days away.  This would be the prime time for me to set a lofty resolution to myself.  The problem is that I would hide it there in my heart that I might not show others how I stray off of its good intentions.

This day I confess to you that in all my life, I have never put true conscious effort into the health of my body for any length of time where it became a habit.  In my late 30’s I noticed how my energy was in a state that it seemed to beg me to just sit because even though the calories had been consumed, there was no energy to use.  I didn’t sit down.  I had 6 kids and fought through the daily fatigue. 


I also noticed this year how my skin on my face looked much older.  I did not like that.  And everytime I went to the bathroom to do anything each glance in the mirror reminded me of that. 

I had almost forgotten about my health.

Today is the day that I proclaim to you that I will no longer put off the task of committing myself to getting back a healthier me.  I truly think by making this public, to my readers, I will be fully committed to a healthier way of eating and living.  I may share advise on parenting and being a mom on my blog, but this area of healthy eating is where I fail.  

How will I do it?  

Tag along with me here on my blog as I post daily updates, expert guest posts, weigh-in’s, fand EVERYTHING I learn that can benefit you and your families.  I can almost guarantee I will head to my laptop to post dramatic “cry-in’s” when I want to go back to whipping up a batch of cookies, but know it will throw me back into Processed Foodland. 

As I take this journey I need accountability.  Why have I not thought of that before?  Knowing I must share each day with all you friends may be just what I need to remember my health!  I need you so I hope you will find me on Facebook and Twitter

I welcome your advise, testimony and new commitments you are making yourself.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Diane Wood says:

    I started my journey to better health on Thanksgiving Day. So far so good!
    All the best to you my friend!

    1. Stacey Posey says:

      That is awesome Diane! Way to go! Please share what you are doing.

  2. Christy Briggs says:

    Trying to find he courage to join you.

    1. Stacey Posey says:

      It is really scary because I am so good at failing in this area. I am just so ready to feel better!

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