What I Am Learning on Day 1

My top priority in becoming healthier is to first lose weight.  Any doctor, nutritionist or child would agree if they assessed my health.  

I mean, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the weight on my scale underneath my 5’6″ body is too high.  That picture above shows a number I thought I would never see on a scale with my body bearing the weight.  Even in all my pregnancies I never got above 235 pounds.

I announced earlier today in a blog post how I have committed myself to becoming healthier.  

First off this first day of my journey to a healthier me was overcoming my first feat.  This could be the easiest step I am to accomplish as I realized I could drink coffee without sugar or half-and-half or creamer.  I made the switch to using stevia powder a month ago with no problem.  Today I drank my coffee with nothing else in my desire to go dairy free for a while.

Now, I will add here that I set myself up well yesterday by making a meal plan, grocery list and shopping.  Today, my pantry is stocked with lots of fresh veggies and meats (more on that to come).

At breakfast I wasn’t too hungry, so I ate a handful of ham, from one of our own farm-raised hogs. 

I didn’t get hungry again until about 2 p.m.  That was odd, but I figure it had to do from the pure excitement of actually publicly posting something so important to me with anticipation that I just might do it right!

With my kids all home, as usual because we homeschool, I knew the lunch hour was overdue.  Nothing was in the crock-pot and when I mentioned sandwiches, no one was enthused at that mention.

Normally I am not a short-order cook and my end goal of me being healthier is that my whole family is healthier.  Today was today and my kids were beginning to get hangry.

I got out my emergency frozen pizzas fir them and opened a can of tuna for me.


I said “No” to pizza!  

The cheap boxed variety smelled like heaven, but I kept chomping away at my tuna/mayo salad.  My belly got full and I survived to tell y’all about it!

As no surprise to me, I did experience a dull headache which I am sure was due to eating no sugar. Ibuprophen to the rescue!  By all my research on blood sugar, I realize I may continue to feel sluggish, tired and have headaches as my body is weaned off junk.

There are about 8 hours in the day, so hopefully it will go as good as the first half of the day.


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  1. Shana Knight says:

    Meal prep and plannimg, in my opinion, is the best fail safe to keeping yourself from eating something you shouldn’t or binge eating. Spending a few hours on the weekend getting everything ready for the week only prepares you for success. I know. I know. That sounds cheesy but it is so true. It also helps your mental game when you are changing eating habits. You are off to such a great start!!

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