New Year, New Me, New Us

Happy 2017!  Wow, it’s gonna take some getting used to writing that number for the year.  It seems like it’s just another habit to weave into life and make permenant.

Today, I want to be brief.  My family and I have enjoyed spending the day together and I have cooked up some black-eyed peas with ham and cornbread to take to the in-law’s soon.  I even made found and made a grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free dessert to make on Pintrest.

I am not sure I can resist my good ole southern cornbread later.  These new changes are showing me even more how I am so human and have so many desires of the flesh.  Now, cornbread isn’t evil and it will forever remain a staple at our house, it’s just that I am trying to go dairy-free temporarily and I use buttermilk.  I do add a tad of sugar normally and a bit of plain flour, so if I do indulge I am wondering how my body will respond???

Yesterday, I did pretty good.  We were in Memphis, Tennessee eating BBQ and while eating at Corky’s I sure enough resisted white dinner rolls.  I felt like I deserved a trophy!

I also learned a new trick with drinking sweet tea I will share tomorrow.

Because I am keeping this short, I will try to come back to my story of hunting for women’s camo clothes only to be sadly disappointed in the sizes available.

I did loose another couple of pounds.  Yes, probably water, but seeing that number go down instead of steadily being the same gives me some motivation to be reminded of all day.

My short post must end here…gotta get to the in-law’s!

You guys have a great day and we will chat tomorrow!



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