How I Am Learning to Cook Without Dairy, Sugar or Grains

How is 2017 treating you, my friends?

If I were to answer, I would tell you that I feel more energetic than I have in months.  In the past week I have been blogging about my decision to finally make some real changes to the way I eat and exercise in order to become healthier (click here to see why).  What I didn’t realize is that I have begun making changes that will hopefully become habits in my way of thinking also.

I’m just a beginner so why in the world would anybody listen to me?

That’s what I asked myself.  I even asked a couple of friends this.  I asked them why will anyone read this blog?  I mean, my intentions of blogging and writing are not rooting in dieting and loosing weight.  There are thousands upon thousands of blogs about loosing weight by changed bad habits into good habits.

Both friends answered with just about the same words.  One friend replied, “Because you are a regular person, a human, that is willing to show a part of herself that most people are not along with truthfully telling how you will become healthier.” Another friend said, “Blogging will help just because people will feel like they aren’t the only ones…they aren’t doing it alone.  That always helps people stay motivated and inspired.  People just want to know someone is in it with them.”

The words of my friends were so humble, yet so motivating.  I am no fitness  buff or nutrition expert, but I have tried to keep track of what wisdom I have heard and read that repeats itself over and over through the years.  I am not in this to try a new fad diet or drop pounds for my brother’s wedding in May (although that last one would be GREAT!)

I want to become healthier for hundreds of valid reasons.

To show you how human I am, below is my planned cheat on New Year’s Day.

Now I’m not sure how it goes where you live, but it’s just about a sin to NOT eat black-eyed peas and cornbread on New Year’s Day.  So, being that from the south, a black-eyed pea is technically a veggie, I was still on my plan.  Even my cornbread was made from cornmeal–corn, being a veggie.  You might see the meat on the plate, which was a turkey breast we cooked in the slow cooker.  Here’s where my human side came in.

So that I wouldn’t feel so guilty, I decided I would eat a small piece of my cornbread ahead of time.  Note:  my cornbread is made with buttermilk, a bit of sugar and a tad of flour, just as my grandmother Mauldin taught me to make it.  That’s where I purposely cheated.

My mother-in-law wasn’t suppose to make a thing, but when we arrived at her house, she had made her dreamy mashed potatoes.  Somehow she makes them with little or no dairy.  But that’s how she rolls–she can make a delicious feast out of the most minimal ingredients.  So with the potatoes, I was still legal.  I think there was some mayo in there:)

And incase you didn’t know, here are the small rules I am trying to abide by this week:

  • No sugar
  • No dairy
  • No gluten or grains

These rules are subject to change by me LOL.  I am eliminating these from my diet for the time being to help with the following reasons:

  • Possible Yeast Problems
  • Energy
  • Fatique
  • Bloating
  • Weight Loss
  • Simplifying Ingredients in Meals

I even made a dessert I found on Pintrest that met the 3 above guidelines!!!  My husband and the mother-in-law, as well as myself, loved the Magic Cookie Bars!  You can find the recipe here along with a link to dairy-free, sugar-free sweetened condensed milk.  We decided that recipe is a keeper to use anytime.

I took the picture below as I headed out the door on a misty foggy first day of the 2017.  (Tip:  Line your glass dish with foil so that it’s easier to slice up when you get ready to cut the cooled cookies.  Also stand next to the sink and use a wetted knife to slice to make a prettier bar cookie, rinsing after each slice).

I am happy to report, that even though I cheated that day a bit, I am still steadily loosing weight.  I am down 4 and a half pounds in all.  As long as that number keeps going down and my belly doesn’t get hungry I think I will live to blog about this experience.

Thanks for listening!  Talk to you tomorrow!



One Comment Add yours

  1. kathi says:

    You are doing great! I started back on my 3 day potato hack, breakfast and lunch. We’re in this together. We may not recognize each other in May!!

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