Feeling Better Because I’m Eating Better

Before I give a “trip report” on my journey I have been blogging about and updating on Twitter and Facebook, I must give a thanks to who has been my biggest motivator.

When the simple idea of taking just a few ingredients out of my typical American diet was put into my head months ago, I ignored it.  Okay, I thought it was a lofty idea for anyone.  Now was not a good time to try something so different. 

Time passed.  My life remained pretty much the same.  I enjoyed all my homecooked meals and eating out and drive-thru quick meals along with desserts anytime I had the urge.  
Yes, I kept up my same eating habits for the rest of the year, but that idea of cutting out wheat and sugar and maybe even dairy would not exit my thoughts.  Every cookbook I saw and every Facebook link seemed to point me to the fact that I was eating wrong and it was making me FATTER AND FATTER!

Every picture of me I saw on my phone needed my second chin photoshopped out.  The voice in my head kept whispering, “Just give it a good try.”

Now in my 6th day of “giving it a good try” I am making good new habits and messing up at times (I almost forgot to weigh today).  I am thankful to the voice in my head telling me to not give up.  

Although not an audible voice, it’s the Holy Spirit in me that cares even for something as simple as my health.  My God is here with me always and hears my many cries for help each day.  I urge you to call in the Lord for help when you need it also, even for something like going on like a diet.

Because He has inclined His ear to me, Therefore I shall call upon Him as long as I live.       -Psalm 116:2

Today I was glad I was down another pound to 240.6, but I see more I could do. We  still have a ton of Christmas candy left from Santa.  Weeding out junk from my family’s diet will come gradually.  When I read the ingredients of the hot cocoa mix my kids have been using daily I almost had a stroke!  JUNK JUNK JUNK😣😣😣

One good idea I have learned is to make my usual iced tea, but sweeten it with a bit of stevia powder so it’s sweet like I like it.  I even got a pretty glass and straw to make sipping even funner!  I love grabbing that cute cup!

Thanks for listening y’all!  I got the hubby to bring home BBQ tonight to give me a break from cooking.  I am accumulating a lot of cookbooks with great advice as well as food.  Although this wasn’t meant to be low-carb, it isπŸ˜‰.  But tonight, I’m not cooking!

I better run and go check on my bunch:)



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  1. As I’ve revamped my diet and exercise I feel better as well. I’ve started working out in the morning vs waiting until the evening when I’m too tired and will probably end up not doing it. It gives me energy for the rest of the day.

    1. Stacey Posey says:

      That is a great tip. I may try that tomorrow:)

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