Breaking Bad?

Hi everybody!

Whew!  Life got busy and I, ummm, just flat out neglected blogging.

At least it was only for a week, but if I’m gonna do this writing gig correctly, I must make writing a higher priority.

My oldest got his first job and my littles started playing Upwards basketball three times a week.

We have also been trying do do school consistently.  This mama is worn out in the afternoon!

So, I know you are wondering:  

How is my journey going?????

How do I answer that?  I really don’t want to lie to you, but……the truth is that along with getting busy I also fell back into bad habits.

Plan A was to cut out gluten, sugar and dairy.  Plan A’s goal was to lose weight.

So after a week of doing it darn-near perfect, my bad habits sort of snow balled into Plan A just not being done. 

Here’s where I think I failed:

  • I didn’t plan meals and snacks ahead 
  • I ran out of healthy food and continued to put off shopping to save money
  • I didn’t realize a few mistakes over a couple of days would make me do a 180 on my plan so I kept making “little mistakes”

Today, I am back on track.  This is day one of Plan B, you might say.  I am ready to commit myself back to eating healthier.  Even during my  bad week last week, I got myself walking 3 miles a day.  

So I was bad, but I wasn’t as bad.  And I’m making notes.  I’m learning.

Tomorrow I plan to share what learned while I went back to old habits.

Thanks for listening!



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