The Best Motivators 

I was good.  I was bad.  

Which would I rather be?

Incase you didn’t know, I’ve been blogging about trying to become healthier.  You can read a previous post to get the background here:  How I Amost Forgot About My Health.

If I change those questions up a tad bit, this journey has showed me how…

I was good.  I ate good (the southern gal in me just can’t type “well”).  I felt good.


I was bad.  I ate bad (sometimes only one time a day).  I felt bad.

Which would I rather be?

DUHHHH!!!  Really, of course I’d rather feel good.  To feel good, what I most definately learned while being bad, I had to get good.  And feeling good physically and mentally because I was eating good cookin’ made me equally good emotionally.

Shoot!  I felt like Superwoman that one perfect week.  That was a miracle to me and what I remember best.  

I believe this amazing new youthful energy I felt, which was a result of eating a lot of healthy food, is the best motivation I have to get off the junk once again and load up on the healthy food.

The other big motivator has been the friends in my life who have cheered me on.  The positive Facebook comments and the texts with tips I have received in the past month have shown me just how awesome my friends are.  Thanks for all the feedback (You know who you are).

I still haven’t stepped on the scales, but I haven’t eaten any gluten or sugar today.

It’s rained all.  Day.  Long.  So…my relaxing quiet walk did not come, which is something I look forward to each day right after lunch.  I let the kids get sime game/phone/tablet freetime most days while I walk loops around my driveway.  

Today is another day on this long journey.  I hope to write this weekend about one way I am changing my plan.  

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Until Next Time,



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