A Commitment to Being Healthier 

There was talk on the radio today where the hosts were polling people about whether they are keeping their New Year’s resolutions.  I even heard about the National Ditch Your Resolution Day last week.

So, are you keeping your resolution?

You may be like me and not  actually make a New Year’s resolution stating what you will or will not do, which to me just sounds like something you are committed to for only that year.

I’ve committed myself to becoming healthier and everyday I am encouraged that I am not alone.  Many of my friends have spoken to me about what they are doing, what’s working and their struggles.

What I thought would be much easier is proving to be a test, but I haven’t lost hope.  My goal in sharing both the struggles and wins is that you will be reminded here that even though the journey to a healthier life is hard, we are not alone + it’s well worth the effort.  

I think my main struggle this weekend was making healthy choices when eating out.  It seems we eat out when we run out of a quick meal to fix at home or if we are in the road all day.

This weekend I vowed to just try not to eat junk.  I have a better, more specific plan in mind, but because I haven’t made a meal plan and grocery list, I just tried to keep this 1 simple rule.

Although hard, I didn’t eat the cookies or the pie I made for a couple of friends.  I am normally not that strong.  I love good, homemade sweets.  I find baking relaxing, but I said no.

I can’t help but believe God is helping me.  This whole plan of becoming healthier wouldn’t leave my head, even though I tried and tried my best to ignore it.

Years back, I had the most ginormous addiction to french fries.  I craved them at every part of the day.  I must give credit to my heavenly father, who helped me get that addiction out of my head.  I still love a few good fries, but it doesn’t consume my thoughts when deciding what to eat.

And this year just seemed like the best time to give loosing weight by eating healthier and exercising a good try.  Unlike previous years, I’m not nursing or pregnant (I was either pregnant and/or nusing from 1999 until 2014).  In 2014 and 2015 my sweet Daddy fought cancer and died at the end of a long battle.  We aren’t planning on moving or remodeling either–Thank God!!!  I know there will be stress, but I pray God will help me through it. 

For those of you reading with any tips on healthy eating on the road, please comment below.

Thanks for reading!!!!  And check me out on Facebook.  You don’t want to miss what kept me busy all day yesterday and last night!



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  1. Kathi says:

    I don’t think I could eat out right/health unless money didn’t matter, especially with kids. I guess things like not get fries, eating just enough to not be hungry till you get home. Make sure everyone is full before leaving the house because they need to make good eating habits as much as you do. Maybe figure out where you can get the best fast food before you get there.

    1. Stacey Posey says:

      At Mccalisters Deli, I checked out their nutrition long ago and they seem to be better than most. Plus kids eat free 2 days a week. We are trying to avoid fast food completely. It seems restaurants give so much white bread, which is SO tempting. I have started keeping snacks in the car.

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