Little Known Ways for Raising Great Kids

The whole process of raising kids is big.  I still have many years to go and it’s just been a gigantic quest the whole time.  I have a 5 year old and a 17 year old and four more kids in between.   Guess I’d better keep my seat belt buckled cause I’m going to be on the quest a while longer.

During this long-lasting season of life I find myself second guessing decisions I make a lot.  Do you ever do that?  I mean sometimes I ask myself, “What if I’ve got it all wrong?”

I only want the best for my kids.  What parent doesn’t?  There is nothing wrong with that!  But what if that’s not enough?

My kids are all unique.  I’m not raising them to be cookie-cutter images of every kids out in the world.  And I know God has a great plan and purpose for each of them.  He has that for your kids also.

What can us parents do during these years that will be valuable preparation for their whole lives? There is a lot we can do.  I’m certain most of us are already doing much of it.  I’m also certain there is more we can do.  And honestly, there are some things we can stop doing.

It’s okay.   I’m in the same boat.  In fact, all of us parents that care about our children are in that same huge boat together.  I think anyone reading this is in that boat or are about to be!

We all love our kids.  If you got this far, I’m thinking you may be like me and are trying SO SO hard to do it all right, yet doubt yourself.  You want your kids to reach their full potential.  Me too!  You don’t have time to wait on ideas that won’t work.  I know because I don’t either.

So, How about we take a look at what really works.

Who will be our expert to guide us in our parenting quest?  None other than the man who has witnessed all the great parents and all the joker parents and all the parents that miserable failed.  Join in daily over the next few weeks as we explore what Jesus has to say about raising great kids.

In each post I will give you hope and an idea to try in your life backed with good ole biblical common sense.  I hope you can join me!

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Today’s Idea To Try:  Let your child catch you reading your Bible instead of your cell phone or computer.  You may find out, like many ideas, that you also receive a blessing.  Don’t be discouraged if your child doesn’t comment on what you are doing, but rest assured that, like most things, they did notice.

Thanks so very much for being here!




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