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Hello!  I am so glad you are here.  Let me tell you just a little about me.

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I am a native southern girl.  If you ever speak to me in person, you’ll know that right away I have lived all my days in the deep south!  I’ve been blessed to be the wife of a wonderful man named Mike since 1997 and we have five sons ages 13, 10, 8, 6 and 3 plus a toddler girly-girl daughter.  We live out in the country, but enjoy traveling to other states while we relax and have fun.  Mike is an auto mechanic, owns his own business and I guess you would say I’m his at-home bookkeeper.  So, yep, we have a lot of kids by most folks’ standards.  Add homeschooling to our list of priorities too.  Life is very fulfilling and can be quite busy and almost always  CRAZZZZY!

Our little lady
Our little lady

Note:  I’ll warn you now that I probably over-use the exclamation mark.  See about paragraph in case you forgot why!!!!

Back in 2007

So what’s a girl to do in my situation when the Lord has laid it on her heart to write about her experiences, memories and lifestyle?  Well, that girl is me and this blog is part of my commitment to that calling I feel God has placed with me.  The name of my blog, Looking Up, Writing Down, spells this out perfectly:  I am looking up to God and writing down to women bring hope and encouragement to them and their families.

Balancing all that life offers is not easy.  But like the old saying goes, “Nothing easy was ever worth doing”.  I chose to be a stay-at-home mom, helping my husband with his workload, raising 5 boys, homeschooling, taking care of myself, homemaking, going to church, being active in the community…..Oh, am I starting to sound like you?  I hope we can find something in common here on my blog and in my articles.  I pray we both put God at the very top center of our life and never let him fall underneath life’s other duties.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.  Jeremiah 29:13

In this whole blog, you’ll find a lot out about my family.  If you want to know just a little more about me, read on….

I am a big list maker.  I have lists of the lists I make.  I inventory them.  That’s about the extent of my organizational skills though!

Scrapbooking was my once favorite hobby.  I recently sold all my supplies on Ebay to help pay for a trip to Disney World.  My mom has converted me to digital scrapbooking so I look forward to learning that way of memory keeping.  I just need God to add another hour on to each day to do this sort of thing!

For Valentine’s Day last year, my husband gave me the okay to buy us a complete set of Scarlet Fiesta Ware.  I used to collect Fiesta Ware, but sold a lot of it.  Hopefully now I can start that again.

Stacey and her husband Mike, along with baby James Alan 2010

Writing is my main hobby now and forever.    I can finally say I am a published writer.  Our little newborn and trying to sell our house and pack has halted my extra writing for now.

Here is a link to see my article “The Value of One-on-One Time” from the March/April 2010 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine.

Coffee is my favorite drink.  Thanks to inheriting my Mom’s coffee gene, I make mine each morning with boiling water and freshly roasted and ground beans in a french press.  I highly recommend this method.

Going to the movie theater (and eating the popcorn) rates at the top of fun things to do with my family.  I love funny movies the most.  I am troubled by the lack of G rated movies and I am increasingly disheartened at what is allowed in PG rated movies.  We check out all the movies we see at Focus on the Family’s media site Plugged In Online (http://www.pluggedinonline.com).

My pet peeve is for folks to drive in the left lane of traffic on a four-lane highway or interstate road.  This lane is for passing, right?

I used to be a bad girl.  If transparency is going to be a part of this blog I’ve got to get that off my chest.  You don’t need to know the details just yet.  But if people can be bad and totally sinful then slowly turn around and live a Christian life, I am on that team.  Who in my younger days would have believed I’d be happily married with five kids, homeschool and love Jesus right now?

My husband says I would spend the last dollar I had on food.  I do love food!  I like to cook and I like to eat out and try to copy the recipes.  I would have to disagree with him.  I believe I would spend my last dollar on a good book–probably non-fiction.  This year I started couponing and love saving money!

It should be a federal amendment to the Constitution that every restaurant in America have sweet tea with fresh lemons.  Period.

More about our family life….

For the first 9 years of our marriage we lived in a used single-wide trailer (a.k.a. mobile home).  I think everyone should have to live in a trailer for a few years to know how nice a house is when they can finally get one.

We have a t.v. at home, but we don’t allow cable or satelite in the house.  The boys do have a Wii.  We are convicted of protecting the innocence of our kids by only allowing special, screened DVD’s in our home.  When we are out and see the filth on the t.v. channels now, we feel even more confident this is the best decision.  If you call us strict, I’ll take that as a compliment:)

Mike and Micah fishing in 2009

Me, my husband and now the boys are all car nuts.  We like fast cars and muscle cars.  My husband has a drag racing car.  The boys make plans to do this one day (AHHHH!).  They already know the Mama (me) used to illegally street race.  My husband felt we has to tell them this.  Anyway, we like cars.  If I could fit all of us in a new Camaro, I’d drive that instead of a Suburban.

If we were rich, we’ve decided that we’d have homes in Montana (where my Mom lives), Florida (somewhere by the beach) and in Tennessee around Chattanooga (close to Nashville and in the mountains too).

Babies like soccer games too!

More kids?  That’s what everyone wants to know.  Everyone wants to know if we will “try for a girl”.  I love kids.  I love babies.  I love my husband.  If God wants us to have more, even if they are all boys, it’s fine by us.  2011 UPDATE:  WE GOT OUR GIRL!!! Miss Mary Kathryn was born in August and doing great!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Vera Zawislak says:

    Hi! I just read your article in the Home School Enrichment magazine about Homeschooling year round. When I saw you homeschooled five boys, my heart jumped. I have five boys ages 9-1 and live in Little Rock. I look forward to discovering more of your blog!
    I am especially interested in knowing how you manage the time put such a cool thing together!

    1. Stacey says:

      Oh, that is so cool! Thank you for the comments, too. We were just in Little Rock this past weekend and loved it!

      Yes, our families are unique with the 5 boys, aren’t they?!! I’m sure you get tons of comments from strangers just like me.

      Well, how I do any of anything is just by the grace of God. At this moment, my husband is trying hard to get my baby to sleep while I get the other 4 ready for bed. I’m exhausted most of the day. That’s my one big thing I wish were different: more energy.

      I hope you’ll visit my site again soon. I am trying to get a lot more content on here, it’s just hard with all the boys and my energy level once I have some alone time….imagine that?!!!

      Thanks again,

  2. Shannon says:

    I am so excited to find your blog. I read your article. We school year round. I have 7 children, my 3 wk old is in my arms now while i type! I was glad to see we’re not the only one who does things differently! It is so encouraging to read your blog and about your family! Please don’t appologize for not having it all done! We homeschoolers with large young families understand!!! Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and blessing me!

    1. Stacey says:

      Thank you Shannon! Actually I am typing one-handed with my baby in MY lap right now!!! ha ha! You have made my day with your comments! Thanks so much.

  3. I am so excited to find your blog. I read your article. We school year round. I have 7 children, my 3 wk old is in my arms now while i type! I was glad to see we’re not the only one who does things differently! It is so encouraging to read your blog and about your family! Please don’t appologize for not having it all done! We homeschoolers with large young families understand!!! Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and blessing me!

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